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Paduano & Weintraub LLP

Founded in 2000

Paduano & Weintraub was formed by Anthony Paduano and Len Weintraub, who practiced law at two of Wall Street’s premier litigation firms, Cahill Gordon & Reindel and Sullivan & Cromwell.


Paduano & Weintraub Law Firm

Our Vision

Paduano & Weintraub LLP is a boutique full-service litigation firm dedicated to providing its clients with the highest level of service and meeting all of their litigation needs. We are committed to providing innovative and creative solutions and seasoned legal advice. We zealously represent our clients as if their problems were our own. Litigation often can be very stressful, time consuming and expensive. Our job is to make our clients comfortable with the process, and to customize a litigation strategy that best achieves their goals, whether it is to quickly and quietly resolve a dispute, get a complaint dismissed through motion practice, or crush an adversary at trial.

Since 2000, Paduano & Weintraub has offered quality legal services at a reasonable cost. We are a civil litigation and appellate firm that represents clients in the areas of business, financial services and employment litigation, employment counseling, and restrictive covenants.

The Team

As a boutique firm with offices in New York and in Los Angeles, we represent clients in federal and state courts across the country, and before arbitration panels in 40 states.

Our Team

Our Partners

Of Counsel


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